We offer a variety of classes for children ages Pre-K through 5th grade.

Sundays at 9:45 am.

Come and see what we're all about!

Children's Church

During the worship service, Summerdean provides a wonderful opportunity for our children to attend a more age-appropriate type of worship.

A normal day opens in prayer with all ages sitting together. We have an 'attention-getter' which leads into the Bible lesson for the morning. Preschool and Elementary split into two separate groups for the lesson. Groups then rejoin for a puppet skit, worship song that goes with the theme of the month, and a scripture verse the children are memorizing. The groups split again for a lesson related craft and game. The groups rejoin to end the morning with prayer. Children's church also has a Park Patrol, which are the 4th and 5th graders. These students share a leadership role alongside the adult leaders and help with the puppet show, songs, games and crafts. Children's church is for ages 3 through 5th grade.

Vacation Bible School

Every summer Summerdean provides an excellent opportunity for the children of our church and community to get together for the week. This year's VBS was "Wilderness Escape:Where God Guides and Provides." Summerdean provided dinner each night, along with games, singing, dancing, and learning about the Lord. This is an event that the children look forward to each year. Join us each summer as we learn new and exciting things about our Savior and Lord.